We know how important it is to your OB/GYN practice to provide your patients with consistent, quality care – especially when it comes to ultrasound scans and analysis. This is why Total Sono provides the best and brightest maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) physicians to analyze all ultrasound studies.

Total Sono only hires the most skilled MFM physicians to work with your OBs to provide the highest quality care to pregnant women or those women who are trying to become pregnant. All of our MFMs are board-certified perinatal specialists double boarded in both OB/GYN and maternal-fetal medicine.

Providing Routine Care Backed by Board-Certified MFMs

Whether you’re providing routine OB/GYN services or more specialized, high-risk OB/GYN care, our MFMs are highly trained specialists who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, expertise, and bedside manner to provide a higher standard of care while improving overall patient satisfaction.

Our MFMs work in collaboration as a team with our ultrasound technologists (who are nuchal translucency (NT) and AIUM certified) to ensure that all ultrasounds are performed correctly and evaluated in a timely manner. We are proud to offer a suite of comprehensive ultrasound services, ranging from routine obstetrical imaging to high-risk obstetrical imaging, gynecological imaging, and more.

All Total Sono sites are certified through the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM), and we employ ultrasound technologists who are ARDMS certified.


Providing Routine to Advanced MFM Services Right in Your Office

Part of improving patient satisfaction means offering convenient, flexible scheduling. It also means serving your patients where they are most comfortable – right in your OB/GYN office! From scheduling to performing ultrasounds to billing – all of our ultrasound services are conveniently available to your patients from the comfort of your office. Your patients are able to walk out of their exam room and right to the Total Sono reception desk to schedule an ultrasound appointment and be seen the same day!

All of our maternal-fetal medicine physicians are supported by our amazing team of ultrasound technologists, on-site patient care liaisons and billing specialists who work together to help guide patients through the ultrasound process seamlessly.

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Total Sono provides outstanding care to all OB/GYN patients, and we value our relationships with OB/GYN physicians. Contact us today to learn about how our physicians can partner with your OB/GYN practice to offer comprehensive ultrasound services.


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